How can I correct a negative credit rating?

Your credit rating is very important when you need to obtain credit. So if you have a negative on your credit report, you’ll want to correct it as soon as possible.  The result for you: a higher credit rating and a better chance of obtaining the credit you want.

700 credit scorePull your credit report

The first thing you should do is pull a copy of all three of your credit reports – one from each credit reporting bureau.  Then review each one of those three reports for errors.  If you do find an error, you’ll need to take steps to have those errors corrected or removed.

Below are links to each of the 3 credit reporting bureaus:


The best way to correct a negative entry on your credit report

All three of the credit reporting companies have online forms that you can complete when you find a negative entry on your credit report. You’ll be tempted to download these forms, fill them out and submit them. DON’T!!!

It’s more effective to write a letter directly to the credit bureau with documentation showing that the erroneous entry on your credit repair is incorrect. Send your letter to the credit bureau via certified mail with a return receipt requested so you have proof that you sent it and that they received it.

Wait for their reply

Give them a week or so to notify you of their decision.  If you don’t hear from them, call them and check on the status of your request. When you hear from them and they made the correction to your credit report,  request another copy so that you can verify that the correction has indeed be made.


It takes time, effort and common sense to correct your credit rating.  If you put a little effort in, you may find that the benefits you receive because of a higher credit score will be worth it!